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R120 Natural Recovery Cream

with Copaiba, Arnica and Menthol

R120 Natural Recovery Cream is scientifically formulated.
Designed to reduce pain and discomfort with a blend of powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory natural essential oils. 

Our proprietary blend of unique ingredients includes organic Copaiba Oil, organic Arnica Montana Flower Extract, natural Menthol, Magnesium Chloride, organic Licorice Root Extract, all combined with luxurious Shea Butter and organic Sweet Almond Oil into a smooth, hydrating cream that delivers soothing warming and cooling comfort.

R120 naturally alleviates muscle and joint pain helping you to recover faster, and give your one20percent effort, every day.

Reduce Inflammation.  Recover Faster.  Perform Better.

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Petroleum Free Natural Chamois Creams. Scientifically Formulated.

V120 and P120 scientifically formulated natural chamois creams, use ethically-sourced effective and non-toxic ingredients, to provide a high-performance anti-chafe protective barrier.

Our long-lasting natural chamois creams contain carefully sourced and selected ingredients that help #protectyourbits when you're riding, running, or whatever you do.

Our chamois creams are petroleum, phthalate and paraben free!  

V120 is pH balanced and scientifically formulated for women with soothing, cooling extracts of cucumber and German chamomile, carefully chosen to #protectyourbits.

No sting and no tingle!

P120 is scientifically formulated for men with organic tea tree oil, a powerful natural anti-fungicide, and organic ginkgo, a natural vascular dilator that improves circulation and helps #protectyourbits. 

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So I've have been riding and racing on the bike and have tried different products to avoid issues with my skin on the chamois during long rides. Some of the products leave residue and a tingling feeling 😱 which I did not like! When I was asked to try one20percent I was a little weary, to my surprise it did not have any of those qualities, washed off easily. Long rides, 6+ hrs in the saddle,no issue! Love this product, to boot, made in Canada🇨🇦 !!
one20percent ambassador athlete


As athletes we are always so worried about what is between us and the road surface to drive us forward, fastest. How heavy are our running shoes? How slick are our tires? Yet, I wanted to know what is between my special parts and my apparel (specifically: my chamois). I wanted to know what would keep me on my bike the longest and the happiest! one20 is the chamois cream of choice that is closest to my heart.  one20percent ambassador athlete

@thecorkerco /@steph_corker

Going for a run shouldn't cause after-pain in the form of raw skin, but no matter what bra tops I wore, it would occur.  If I wore a chest strap heart monitor, I would pay the price.  The constant rubbing would lead to a painful shower! Healing would be hindered. V120 anti chafe cream has been a godsend! The product sped up the healing and brought relief! Thanks one20percent for this amazing product.
one20percent ambassador athlete


Petroleum Free

Not Tested On Animals

Paraben and Phthalate Free