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Introducing P120 and V120 Natural Chamois Cream

Our high performance long-lasting natural chamois creams contain carefully sourced and selected ingredients that help #protectyourbits when you're riding, running, or whatever you do.

Our chamois creams are petroleum, phthalate and paraben free!  

P120 and V120 are scientifically formulated using ethically-sourced effective and non-toxic ingredients, to provide a high-performance anti-chafe protective barrier.

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V120 Natural Chamois Cream for Women

V120 is pH balanced and scientifically formulated for women with soothing, cooling extracts of cucumber and German chamomile, carefully chosen to #protectyourbits.

No sting and no tingle!

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P120 Natural Chamois Cream for Men

P120 is scientifically formulated for men with organic tea tree oil, a powerful natural anti-fungicide, and organic ginkgo, a natural vascular dilator that improves circulation and helps #protectyourbits. 

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