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one20percent is reaching your limit, and then pushing beyond

It is the teeth-gritting, all-in, don’t look back commitment it takes to achieve your goal - whatever that may be. It's about giving your all to achieve your goal.

Our core philosophy is to do better, to achieve, as a company, our one20percent. We want to make the best naturally sourced performance and recovery body care products possible, for athletes of all abilities, to help you #achieveyourone20.

Our name originated years ago

Co-founders Erin and Sandra competed as a two-person team in the Tour Trans-Austria, a 7-day cycling stage race in the Austrian alps. Midway through day 4, they were in the lead of the women’s race, cycling flat out into a headwind to reach the next climb ahead of the chasing women’s teams.

While taking rotating pulls on the front to keep their speed up and break the wind for each other, they passed a male participant who jumped in behind them as a passenger (riding on the back enjoying the draft without taking a pull in the wind to share the work).

After some time with no participation from their new friend, Erin invited him to come up and take a pull, even a short one.

No response. Erin repeated the invitation. Again, no response. 

As their vision blurred and legs and lungs burned, a firmer, and slightly more desperate request was extended.

Finally, their passenger said he was ‘giving it one hundred and ten percent’ and was unable to come to the front. 

At that point Sandra, not famous for her patience, suggested he should join in with Erin and Sandra giving one hundred and twenty percent and come to the front, or drop off the back.