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Ingredient Sources and Choices


The ingredients in our V120 and P120 chamois creams prevent saddle sores and chafing by creating a durable moisture-proof breathable barrier. This barrier reduces friction and irritation from salt and sweat built up from hours in the saddle or out running on the trails, as well as soothing and softening sensitive skin.

All our ingredients have been carefully sourced and selected from around the world.

The foundation of our proprietary moisture-proof breathable barrier is a combination of organic beeswax with a touch of carefully selected premium silicone creating a thin transparent layer which protects the skin without leaving a white waxy residue. Our organic beeswax is specially sourced from a Dutch family business founded in 1852 and who are global leaders in sustainable practices. Learn more here about our organic beeswax.

We added a touch of premium silicone to our organic beeswax base to give the added durability and multi-hour protection we required for a high performance, long-lasting chamois cream. Our expert team chemist selected a safe high-performance silicone that is non-occlusive (breathable), non-comedogenic (does not block pores), with a molecule too large for transdermal absorption. Learn more here about how our silicone works.

We have included both German alpine chamomile, which has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-irritant and anti-microbial properties, as well as bisabolol, an active ingredient in German chamomile which is extracted as a concentrated powerful compound known for its soothing qualities, reducing inflammation and speeding wound healing. Learn more here.

Our V120 also contains soothing, cooling extracts of cucumber, and luxurious bergamot extract with its anti-inflammatory, calming and anti-bacterial benefits. Learn more here.

Learn more here about our unique ingredients and how they work.

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