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August 2021

gravel race

Summer is here!

Time for long rides, adventures on the roads and trails with friends, training camps, and - yes - racing is back ON!   This month’s one20percent newsletter is all about the long ride!   Read on and get ready to #achieveyourone20!

Need motivation?

After over a year we are as excited as everyone about getting back to training and racing with friends!  Check out this sampling of great local events right here in British Columbia.  Road riding, gravel, multi-sport, and even trail-running!  Too many for a complete list, but here is a few our one20 team are looking forward to:

Gran Fondo Axel Merckx Penticton September 19, 2021

BCBR Gravel Explorer presented by Bicicletta September 26 – October 1, 2021 –

Ironman Canada Penticton September 26, 2021 –

Squamish 50 Trail Race October 16-17,

B78 Penticton Ironman Training Camp August 27-29, 2021 – join Coach Jasper Blake and the B78 multi-sport team and experience fully supported training sessions on the ironman course.  One month out from IMC, this camp is perfect timing for final preparations leading into one of the most historic ironman events on the calendar.  If you are not doing ironman but looking for an epic training weekend with great people and incredible coaching, this camp is also for you!

Bernie’s Backyard Gravel Grinder September 12, 2021 – We are stoked about this event, organized by our very own one20 ambassador Steph Corker!  We’ve been lucky enough to pre-ride select parts of the course, and although sworn to secrecy we can tell you that it is not to be missed! Lung-testing uphills, swooping downhills, and rippin’ fast gravel! Follow Steph and one20percent on social media for more details to come!

Looking for Inspiration?

If you are looking for inspiration to get out the door and #achieveyourone20, this month we are checking in with one20 ambassadors Fiona Majendie and Kelly Jablonski. 

Our youngest one20 ambassador Fiona Majendie rolled up her sleeves for her double vaccine jabs, packed up her Red Truck Racing kit and headed to the U.S to race Pro 1/2. She has notched up some impressive results in the Intellegentsia Cup, Tour of Amercia’s Dairyland (seriously!) and the Tour de Murrietta.  Way to go! 


bike ride italy Last summer one20 ambassador Kelly Jablonski notched up over 100 ascents of Cypress Mountain including knocking off the Strava KOM double, triple, andquad ascent records.  This summer, after receiving his double vaccine jabs, he headed back to his favorite training grounds in northern Italy and is gearing up to race the Haute Route Alps and Dolomites, Swiss UCI Road and TT races to qualify for Masters’ Worlds, and Tour TransAlp.  Amazing!


Nutrition advice from the Experts!  

We’ve reached out to the experts for you!  Ironman Champion and B78 Multisport Coaching founder and head coach Jasper Blake shares his expertise on fueling for long rides and races.

Struggling to get your nutrition right for long rides?  Not sure how much or which foods to eat to maximize your performance on race day?  Too much food or the wrong mix can leave you feeling bloated and stodgy.  Too little, and the dreaded bonk awaits.  We’ve all been there…

To help with these questions we reached out to Ironman Champion, B78 Multisport Coaching founder and head coach, and all-round awesome human Jasper Blake and asked him to share his expertise on fueling for long rides and races.  Why mess around guessing when you can learn from literally one of the best in business?

Coach Jasper’s advice for long ride nutrition is to keep it simple!  Here is what he told us when we sat down with him recently:

Focus on three things to optimize your long training sessions:

  1. Carbohydrate
  2. Sodium
  3. Water

Aim for the following amounts:

  • 60-80g carbohydrate per hour
  • 500-1000ml fluid per hour 
  • 500-1000mg sodium per hour

The Details

  • Most of what you need will come from your sport drink because it will cover fluid intake, sodium and carbohydrate- start with your drink and then top up what you need with gels or solid food;
  • Concentration of what you are taking in is important- great nutrition products will tell you how to mix it or consume it (how much water per scoop etc)- mix accordingly as usually they will be giving you the ratio that will maximize absorption;
  • Small amounts frequently is the best strategy- sip a drink frequently and eat frequently so that at the end of the hour you have consumed what you need to consume;
  • Try sipping your drink every 5 minutes instead of gulping half a bottle at a time.  Try one gummy or blok every 10 min instead of a handful every hour.  Take time pre-ride to cut bars into bite size pieces and nibble those.

Trouble Shooting

  • If you are bonking during longer rides it means you are not getting enough carbohydrate so you may need to increase
  • If you are puking (Editors Note: technical term directly from Coach Jasper) during your longer rides it might mean you are taking in too much OR...the concentration of what you are consuming is too high.

    Our thanks to Coach Jasper!  Be sure to check out B78 Multisport Coaching at and to follow B78 on social media.

Healthy Snacks!

For a real food alternative to bars and gels, our friend Andrea McDonald, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and avid cyclist, has opened her recipe files and shares her nutritious and easy to make 4-ingredient peanut butter date balls.  Yum!

Tired of force feeding on bars and gels?  Try some real food on your next training ride!  Our friend Andrea McDonald, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and avid cyclist has opened her recipe files and shares her nutritious and easy to make 4-ingredient peanut butter date balls.  

One of our favorite recipes and sure to be one of yours!  Give them a try!

Our thanks to Andrea McDonald!  Be sure to check out Andrea McDonald Nutrition at and to follow her on social media.

Pro-tips for carrying nutrition on the long ride!

News flash!  Most of us (okay, none of us) are in the Tour de France and we don't head out for long rides with a follow car stocked full of cold drinks and a buffet of snacks to choose from.  If you are like us, long rides mean stuffing the pockets of your brand-new jersey with bars, gels, gummies, drink powder and electrolyte tablets which manage to congeal into a giant sticky inedible ball by the end of the ride.  Super appetizing, we know.  Here is a thought.  It doesn't have to be that way!  Two local Vancouver-based companies have created some great options for carrying your snacks and looking stylish.


The Pocket Musette is a new creation by local Vancouver company Doma (short for "Domestique").  Just fill the food grade silicone liner with your favourite bites to eat and then slide it into your jersey pocket. It makes eating while you ride easier, faster, safer, and no more food wrapper litter.   




Heading out for a longer adventure?  Vancouver company Samsara Cycle style your bike with their waterproof handlebar bag (the Buddy Bag).  Great for gravel or road bikes, these bags easily attach to your handlebars with the velcro straps.   External shock cord strapping lets you add extra gear.




Don't forget to- #protectyourbits!

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