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Meet the one20percent Team









Sandra is a runner, cyclist, triathlete and skier.

She ran her first marathon at age 19 in her hometown of Victoria, British Columbia, with her mum cheering her on and handing out water at the aid stations, and she has gone on to a marathon PB of 3:01:01 (so close!).  She has won short and long-course triathlon provincial age-group championships, and has raced multiple Ironman triathlons, including twice at the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, and at Swissman – an epic point to point ironman distance race across the Swiss Alps.  Together with one20percent co-founder Erin McGann, Sandra has competed in the 7-day European cycling stage races Tour TransAlp and the Tour Trans Austria, which they won as a women’s team.  Erin and Sandra also twice completed the legendary Otztaler bike marathon, a one-day 250km race over 4 mountain passes and 5500m of climbing through southern Germany and Austria.  Sandra is a two-time finisher of the 7-day Haute Route Alps “the toughest amateur cycling race in the world”, once with one20percent team member Amanda Lau, and the 7-day Haute Route Pyrenees, also with Amanda Lau.

Closer to home, Sandra has won the women’s overall race at Whistler Gran Fondo Forte, qualified for the World Gran Fondo Championships, and completed an “Everesting” challenge (it’s a thing, who knew?) on Vancouver’s local ski hill Mt. Seymour, cycling up it 10x in one day to cumulatively reach the 8848m height of Mt. Everest.

In her other life, Sandra’s professional career is as a lawyer with a focus on commercial litigation.  Among other things, she has a Masters degree in International Law from Cambridge University, where she studied on a Commonwealth Scholarship.

She met one20percent co-founder Elizabeth Liu years ago when they worked together in the trenches of commercial litigation.

They have been friends since, and excited to embark on a new adventure combining their skills and talents with one20percent team members Erin, Cindy and Amanda.


Liz can be found running or hiking the trails of Squamish, trying new winter sports that do not involve hurling herself down the side of a mountain (had minimal success snowboarding) or spending time (some say way too much time) with her big (very big) and handsome (very handsome) Great Dane and her sweet little Costa Rican pittie-cross rescue.

Liz has always loved sports. Growing up in Montreal meant winters playing hockey, first on outdoor rinks with the neighbourhood kids and then on indoor rinks for varsity (McGill) and division A teams. While Liz remained active after her move to Vancouver, work took up a wee bit too much time for team sports so she was looking for a “big bang for your buck” activity.  This is when her colleague and friend Sandra (yes, the one20 co-founder Sandra Foweraker) suggested she take up running.  Little did Liz know that what started out as a quick way to get exercise would become a big part of her life.  Liz has completed numerous running races ranging from 10 K’s to half-marathons and everything in between both on the road and in the trails.  Liz enjoys introducing others to the trails as a Capra trail running ambassador and you can often hear her trademark “Woot! Woot!” just when the running group needs a bit of a boost!

In her work life, Liz started off in the commercial litigation trenches becoming a partner in a boutique firm in Vancouver. Liz spearheaded a litigation prevention group specifically targeting small and mid-sized companies.  This early work afforded her an opportunity to work closely with founders and CEO’s of companies and to join many of those companies as a member of their management teams where she not only directed litigation prevention but also advised on business strategy.  Liz, like her Mom and Dad who owned businesses throughout their lives, followed her entrepreneurial spirit by uniquely combining her 25 plus years of management and legal experience to serve in C-level positions (CEO, COO and CLO) for both private and public companies in various industries, including natural health products, healthy food and cannabis.

Liz also founded and remains the Managing Director of LINK Business Law Group, a firm that meets the needs of corporate clients by providing a broad range of legal, strategic and risk management advice. She has co-founded and acted as an advisor to numerous early stage companies. Liz has mentored both undergraduate and EMBA students through the SFU Beedie School of Business. She was appointed Queen’s Counsel in December 2016.

Liz, her partner and their fur babies live and play in Squamish where she gets to look out onto the Tantalus range every day.


Cindy is a research and product development chemist, with decades of experience in the development and formulation of body and skin care products and cosmetic products.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Colloid Chemistry from Shandong University in the P.R. China, where she grew up, and a Masters Degree in Chemistry and Material Science from McMaster University.

Cindy’s passion is using her scientific training to research and formulate new personal care products to help resolve people’s problems and make their lives more convenient.

She started to “play” with surfactants, emulsion and micro-emulsion systems (as one does!), while doing research work at Shandong University after graduation, and went on to publish numerous scientific papers with her research results.

In 1996, Cindy moved to North America with her family to chase her dream of working in product development.  Since then, Cindy has gone on to develop a wide range of personal care products for a variety of companies which have been successfully launched and marketed internationally. To name just a few, her products include skin creams and serums, gels, lotions, cleansers, as well as hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners.

Although Cindy has lived across Canada and the United States, from east coast to west coast and in the Rocky Mountains in the middle, she considers Vancouver, British Columbia as her second hometown, as it is where she and her family have lived the longest in North America.

Cindy met one20percent co-founder Elizabeth Liu years ago when they worked together. She is excited to embark on a new adventure combining her scientific skills and talents with one20percent team members Erin, Sandra, Liz and Amanda, and working together to achieve the goal of making the best naturally formulated body care products for athletes of all abilities.

When Cindy is not in her lab, you can find her in her kitchen trying different recipes and indulging her love of cooking.

Although Cindy claims to be the least sporty member of the one20percent team, you may also find her on the hiking trails or on the tennis court.  And one day soon, on a bike!



Amanda's passions are being a mother to Jake and Jorja, working as a fitness professional, cycling up mountains all summer, and skiing down them all winter.

Raised in North Delta, British Columbia, Amanda grew up immersed in competitive dance and cheerleading and was an NCA All-American cheerleader.  After graduation she went on to obtain a diploma in Marketing and Sales and studied Exercise Science.

Her career in the fitness industry began over twenty years ago, starting as an aerobics instructor, then as a personal trainer, educator, and speaker, encouraging and inspiring others with her enthusiasm and her passion for health and fitness.  Amanda founded her own personal training business and is now the Director of Coaches at Method Indoor Cycling in Vancouver.  Her tough indoor cycling classes with their relentless (and seemingly endless!) climbing sets have earned her the (mostly) affectionate sobriquet Commanda.

Amanda is also an accomplished endurance sport athlete.  Her many athletic endeavours include adventure racing - twice finishing the challenging Sea to Summit multi-day race involving kayaking, mountain biking and running, both as a solo athlete and on a team of two. She has competed in the legendary Squamish ‘Test of Metal’ mountain-bike race, raced crits on her road bike, and is a two-time finisher of the punishing 7-day Haute Route, "the toughest amateur cycling race in the world".  Together with one20percent co-founder Sandra, Amanda tackled the Haute Route Pyrenees in 2017, and came back for more in 2019 to take on the Haute Route Alps - traversing the length of the French Alps from Megeve to Nice.  In 2019 Amanda also finished on the podium to qualify for her age-group for the World Gran Fondo Championships.

Most recently, Amanda participated in and was a key fund-raiser for an event for mental health awareness in her community (@coastmentalhealth). She challenged herself and a group of one20percent cycling ambassadors to “have the courage to go further" and to ride over 5000 vertical meters of elevation in one day, by taking on the Triple Triple Crown and ascending all three of Vancouver’s ski hills, three times each.

When she is not cycling for work or for fun, you can find Amanda on the ski hill enjoying some turns, and most importantly, being a mom!


Erin is a cyclist — pure and simple.  Ask Erin and she will tell you riding a bike has always been and continues to be her “happy place”.

Erin spent her childhood days living on a farm riding her “beater bike” all over the surrounding rural roads.  Next up, Erin and a friend explored Holland and Belgium on bikes - belongings in garbage bags, tied to the bikes with baler twine - as 14 year olds! As an adult, Erin has toured all over Northern Italy, the island of Taiwan, Southern BC and the Rockies on both road and mountain bikes.

Then there is “Racer” Erin whose list of accomplishments (and injuries) boggles the mind of us regular (some may say sane) folk.  Erin’s accomplishments include:  BC Road Champion (1990’s), National team member for road, “crits” and mountain bike, women’s overall Test of Metal champion 1996 and age group winner 2016; UCI Mountain Bike World Championships Australia (1996) where Erin still managed to place 36th after breaking her collar bone on the second of three laps!

Time on a bike (mostly going really fast) has not been without injury or setbacks.  There has been a fractured skull, 2 concussions, broken ribs, broken ankle, broken collar bone, broken arm, shattered pelvis (airlifted to Vancouver hospital and lucky to survive ), torn ACL and 3 heart surgeries.  Erin sports a pace-maker which was inserted, at her request, in a location and (in a way) that would accommodate her hydration pack strap.

Erin’s work life has been in product development and sourcing, starting out at a nascent Mountain Equipment Co-op (less than 30,000 members) and leaving after the 1,000,000 member mark was crossed. Erin is the creator of the infamous  Rad Pants – a MEC classic! Erin has worked with both home-grown factories and global supply chains with many different companies and teams.  Erin loves the challenge of figuring out how to bring an idea through to commercialization through a sustainable supply chain.

Erin’s time on her bike(s) has been one big adventure and she has had the good fortune to tour, commute, ride, and race, all over the world.

These days you will find Erin riding either her mountain or road bike up and down the Sea to Sky and environs — her focus being to remain uninjured and trying to clear as many wood bridges and trails as her nerves will allow.