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R120 Natural Recovery Cream- 10 ml sample

R120 Natural Recovery Cream- 10 ml sample


Why We Made P120 and V120

We were tired of using anti-chafe creams with petroleum products as their primary lubricant and moisture barrier. Brands we tried without petroleum products contained other scary ingredients, or didn’t last, and we ended up with chafing and sore spots. 

As you can imagine, we were cranky.

Performance shouldn’t mean having to use petroleum derivatives and other nasties on your body. That’s why our chamois creams are petroleum, phthalate and paraben free! The natural lubricant in our product reduces friction and inflammation, preventing the build up of harmful bacteria, and soothing and softening sensitive skin.

Why Should I Care If My Chamois Cream Contains Petroleum Products?

First, take a moment to think about where you are applying that motor oil under your bike shorts…

Once that sinks in, consider that the barrier to friction created by products containing petroleum jelly or petroleum derivative ingredients like mineral oil, paraffin oil and petrolatum, is not breathable. This non-breathable barrier traps harmful bacteria and fungus on the skin allowing it to flourish and can lead to irritation, sore spots and infections, the very problems you are trying to prevent by using chamois cream!

What Makes one20percent Natural Chamois Creams So Great?

What is in our chamois creams is just as great as what is not in them! Both our men’s and women’s chamois creams are formulated as high-performance anti-chafe barrier creams.

Working together with our team chemist we researched and sourced the best natural ingredients from around the world that would support an effective, long lasting anti-chafe cream that was petroleum and petroleum derivative free.  Our creams are formulated by our team chemist, who has decades of experience formulating natural care products, and then rigorously tested over thousands of kilometres by athletes for athletes. 

Our carefully sourced and selected ingredients are anti-bacterial and create a moisture-proof breathable barrier to reduce friction and irritation, and soothe and soften sensitive skin from salt and sweat build up. We know how easily this can happen after hours in the saddle or out running on the trails!

Pure Ingredients

Our high-performance long-lasting anti-chafe creams contain carefully sourced and selected ingredients that help #protectyourbits when you are out riding, running, or whatever it is you do!

Our natural chamois creams are petroleum, phthalate and paraben free!  

P120 and V120 are scientifically formulated using ethically-sourced effective and non-toxic ingredients, to provide a high-performance anti-chafe protective barrier.

Our unique ingredients include:

Organic beeswax from a Dutch family farm

German alpine chamomile

Soothing cucumber extracts

Shea butter, olive oil, and olive fruit oil

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Chamois Cream Q + A

why use V120 or P120 chamois cream

  • Will the product stain my clothing?

    No. Our natural chamois cream washes out with warm water and soap! 

  • What is the difference between P120 and V120?

    Both P120 and V120 are high-performance anti-chafe barrier creams.

    Our different formulations recognize that men and women have different anti-chafing needs.

    V120 is scientifically formulated and pH balanced for women. There is no “sting” or the slightly disconcerting “tingling” that comes from the menthol featured in some men’s creams. We bumped up levels of our carefully sourced German alpine chamomile and added luxurious bergamot extract for anti-inflammatory, calming and anti-bacterial benefits.  An extra dose of our cooling cucumber extract was added to help with pH balancing. 

    P120 is scientifically formulated for men.  We added organic ginkgo biloba and our carefully sourced German alpine chamomile for their soothing, anti-inflammatory properties.  A boost of organic tea tree oil adds a powerful natural anti-fungicide and helps treat skin irritations.  Cucumber extract is added for its cooling attributes.

  • Is your product cruelty free? Is it tested on animals?

    The only animals we test our products on are humans! 

    The one20percent team is our first line of testing. We ride our bikes, run and hike thousands of kilometres (really!), to make sure our products are ready to share with our select group of willing testers who help us with unbiased feedback. 

    We are working with all our vendors, ensuring suppliers support cruelty free processes and development of our ingredients.

  • Where is your product made?

    All of our products are formulated, developed and tested right here in the Sea to Sky Corridor in British Columbia. Our production is done locally in a state of the art zero emissions facility.

  • How are your ingredients chosen?

    We carefully considered the properties required for a high quality natural chamois cream suitable for training and racing. 

    Working together with our team chemist we researched the best natural ingredients that would support an effective, long lasting chamois cream that was petroleum and petroleum derivative free. 

    We then conducted a global search for the best of those ingredients!

  • Why is it important to avoid Petroleum based or Petroleum derivative ingredients?

    The moisture barrier created by using petroleum based ingredients is not breathable and can trap bacteria and fungus on the skin allowing it to flourish.

    Using petroleum based anti-chafe creams is a bit like eating junk food when you are hungry. It gets the job done in the short term, but over time creates other issues, including the build up of bacteria which can cause irritation, inflammation and saddle sores. 

    Petrolatum that is not refined or has been through a low grade refinement process is considered a carcinogenic - something you don’t want to be using on your body!